Carer Champion Training

What do we define as a Carer Champion?

Carer Champions are identified through our delivery of Carer Quality Award and EFC as all organisations and services are asked to nominate a Carers Champion if they do not already have one.

A Carer Champion is a member of staff who supports Carers and acts as a key contact for Carer information within the service or organisation where they work and externally.

What do Carer Champions do?

A Carer Champion will ensure that there are effective identification processes in place and colleagues have a good understanding of Carers and support services that are available to them. This can be done through promotional activities, events, forums, monitoring policy / process and co-ordinating Carer Awareness Training.

They aim to improve the Carer’s quality of life and help them to continue in their caring role with minimum impact to their own wellbeing. They can also help ensure that the Carer’s ‘voice’ is heard by decision makers and used to inform strategy, policy and process.

Carer Champions can also help improve local services by feeding back what they learn from supporting Carers.

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