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Dissertation Research Request: How Carers have Experienced Advanced Care Planning

Hi all,

We have had a request for help from our Carers Quality Award recipients/ Carer Champion over at Bishop Grosseteste University as follows:


One of my students would like support with her dissertation research and would like to reach out to the Carer Champion network for help, Simply put my student's dissertation is about advanced care planning and how unpaid carers of those with dementia view this.”

In more detail-

This project is about how carers have experienced advanced care planning.

Advanced care planning gives those with terminal illness a chance to make their voice heard, even when they cannot speak. This is through being able to discuss what is important to them, their wishes and values before they lose the capacity to be able to do this.

Carers of those who wish to make an advanced care plan will be affected by their choices whether this be; environmentally, physically, economically or emotionally. Conversations about the last stages before death can be difficult to hold with a loved one. This is why advanced care planning is important as it enables the individual to have a good death.

Advanced care planning can help bereaved relatives/ family/ carers because it can enable choice and control for both parties. However, discussing an advanced care plan can be difficult, because it can cause distress, anxiety and a lack of hope if not done properly.


If any Carer Champion knows of any carers who may be interested in answering some questions around this or knows of any other professionals who may find this relevant to themselves or their clients could you please ask them to email for more information?


Thanks everyone!

Dan Fleshbourne Senior Occupational Therapy Assistant The Lincolnshire Recovery College Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust