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Forum F.A.Q

You can download the below information in PDF format with images by downloading the file titled Carer Champion Forum F.A.Q at the bottom of this page.


Community Guidelines

Before you post on the forum we encourage you to read over the community guidelines which can be accessed at the top of the main forum homepage and every Category section.


Forgot Password:

This feature is in development and will be added shortly. In the mean time if you have forgotten your password please email: .



To begin posting on the forum you can click on one of the category headings and then select the ‘New Topic’ button.

To reply to an existing topic, click ‘Reply’.

You can then reply to the topic and use the free text box to insert links and comments.

You can also attach files by click ‘Upload Files’.

There is also a subscribe function that allows you to subscribe to a topic or category. This will send you an email alert when someone has replied to you.

If you would like to edit a post of yours you can click on ‘Edit’.

You can also report someone else’s posts if you think it is inappropriate by clicking on the ‘Report’ button.



You can edit your profile by clicking on ‘Profile’ and then ‘Edit Profile’.

To navigate to the forum in future you can easily hover over ‘Working Together’ and then select ‘Carer Champion Forum’.


Uploaded files: