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Young Carer Newsletter March 2022

Welcome to the March Edition of the Young Carers Newsletter


Young Carer Survey

We love to celebrate our amazing Young Carers – there are over 2100 of you that we know living in Lincolnshire, so you definitely know you are not alone!
To make sure we are offering you the right support at the right time, we’ve put together a Young Carers Survey which we would like as many Young Carers as possible to complete.

The deadline for the survey has been extended to 18th March 2022

Young Carers Action Day is March 16 th 2022

This year’s focus is all about reducing isolation. Young Carers share that they often feel lonely, and their friends don’t always get what life is like for them, o r they don’t feel able to talk to their friends about being a Young Carer. Covid has meant it was much harder to meet up with others, particularly if you were worried that someone at home could become very poorly if they caught it!

Young Carers Card

A Young Carers Card can be a helpful way to help your school understand that you are a Young Carer. It can also be useful if you are going to a doctor or hospital appointment, it will help the professionals understand what you do to help the person you care for. You can apply for your Young Carers card here 

Young Carers in Schools
We are happy to share that 255 Lincolnshire schools now have a named Young Carers Lead. This means it should be easier for you to find the right person to speak to in school if you are worried about your caring role. If you are struggling to find the right person, please email us and we will try to help you find the right person

Young Adult Carers

Some Young Carers are worried about what support might be available for them once they get too old for Young Carers. We work closely with Carers First to make sure no one falls through the gaps. Transition means moving from children’s and Young People’s services to a service supporting Young adults and adults. We aim to contact every Young Carer after they turn 16 to offer a Transition Assessment. This is a chance to talk about what life is like for you and what you would like to happen in the future. This can be completed by anyone you feel happy talking with. You could also choose to get this done by Carers First or an Early Help Worker. If you are over 16 and don’t think anyone’s been in touch and think this would be helpful, send an email to or ring us on 01522 553275


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