Menopause Stories

Menopause Stories 3

Menopause can make you feel very isolated. This page has been created to help you realise…you are not alone!

Paula’s Story – The Brains Behind Peri Meri Menopause Moments

Jackie’s Story – A Peri Meri Menopause Moments Programme Case Study

Participant Quotes

“I was at breaking point – I went back to my GP and said if you do not do something soon, I am scared I am going to kill someone – that is how bad my mood swings were and how bad I was coping! I needed help!” 

“After attending the Peri Meri Menopause Programme – I feel back on track, it really helped me identify not only that I am not alone, but others in the room were feeling the same as me, but also that we are all different, what works for me wouldn’t work for anyone else.” 

“I feel in control, I feel better, I know more about menopause now, the programme enabled me to find out facts about medication, about health and wellbeing and has given me the confidence to try things.” 

“By attending the programme it sort of validated what I was going through, that in itself really helped, just listening to other people.  I am not alone!” 

“I wasn’t suicidal, but I googled – why do I feel suicidal, this was a total wake up call for me.” 

“One of the the main things I identified attending the Peri Meri Menopause Moments programme was that we are not alone, we each have our own symptoms that might be different, but ultimately we are all in the same boat and going through our own journey, what works for one, won’t work for another.” 

“What the programme highlighted for me, try different things, you never know what can help, I have started weight lifting and absolutely love it, it has changed the way I function and feel, and I feel great….!” 

“I just wish it hadn’t taken this long to get sorted out to realise that there are all sorts of alternatives and there isn’t just one fix.” 

“Until I came to your class, which I think I should have done 10 years sooner, I don’t think I had any idea that there were so many symptoms to menopause. I was really really surprised. I couldn’t believe how many symptoms were on that list…it was quite scary.”

Are you struggling with menopause, not sure what to do or where to go? Luck is on your side…

We are running a fully funded project across Lincolnshire…to support you!

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