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About the People’s Partnership

The People’s Partnership is focused on providing access and amplifying the voice of hidden and hard to reach people of Lincolnshire.  We are about Community Engagement and developing a long-term meaningful relationship between people with disabilities and hidden and hard to reach communities in Lincolnshire and organisations that impact on their lives.


Becoming a member of the People’s Partnership keeps you informed of what is happening in Lincolnshire and provides information and guidance of how to support hidden and hard to reach groups. There are three types of membership:

  1. Member
  2. Affiliate Member
  3. Leadership Team Member

Members can be any type of organisation and is not restricted to Social, Health and Wellbeing sectors, or to the voluntary sector.

Membership is free.

For more details of our membership levels, please see our Terms of Reference – terms-of-reference-for-the-peoples-partnership-2017-draft-002.docx

To become a member and receive regular updates of what is happening in Lincolnshire that might impact on you and find out what we are doing.  All you need to do is complete the sign-up form and send to:

The Leadership Team consists of a range of people and organisations who together manage the direction and delivery of the People’s Partnership.  We consist of organisations who support different groups of hidden and hard to reach people.  Our strength is in our commitment to ensure individuals and community voices are heard and listened to.

The members of the People’s Partnership Leadership Team are:

Members are normally invited to join the Leadership Team. There is a separate Memorandum of Understanding for the Leadership Team. Memorandum of Understanding – mou-for-peoples-partnership-2017draft-revised-002.docx

What does the People’s Partnership do?

Meaningful Engagement

We provide a single point of contact to engage with hidden and hard to reach communities. Using the knowledge and networks of partnership members who have many years’ experience working in the disability and protected characteristics sectors.

We can support you by offering the following engagement services:

  • Providing links into communities
  • Offering advice on accessing communities
  • Feeding back on consultation and engagement approaches
  • Advising on Equality Impact Analysis
  • Develop solutions for your engagement needs
  • Carry out tailored engagement activity
  • Developing case studies

Accessibility & Inclusion Audits

We help organisations to understand how they can make their services more accessible to people from the nine Protected Characteristics

Our approach includes:

  • We take your employees through a customers’ journey, helping you and your staff to ‘walk in their shoes (or wheels)’
  • Making staff more comfortable in dealing with unfamiliar situations
  • We show you the adjustments that may need to be put into place
  • Giving you advice about any changes you could make to improve the accessibility of your service
  • Providing bespoke training for you and your employees based on individual needs reducing the risk of challenge from customers

We work with volunteers with lived experience to undertake the audits. We help you to open your services to more customers, ensuring all customers or service users get the best experience possible of your service.

Customer Experience Reviews – A Mystery Shopping Type Experience

We can help you to improve your service and better understand your customers’ and service users’ needs with our Mystery Shopping style service.

Customer Service Reviews are where someone experiences your service with staff thinking they are one of their usual customers.  Mystery shoppers perform specific tasks such as asking questions, registering complaints, purchasing a product, or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed feedback about their experiences.

Our focus is to use Customer Experience reviews to ensure your services support all members of the community and ensure staff understand how to support hidden and hard to reach individuals.

  • Client Focused – we will work with you to agree how you want to undertake the reviews
  • Confidential Service – the feedback is for your eyes only and is not published
  • Carried out by volunteers with lived experience
  • Integrated with training and support to help you to make meaningful improvements

By working with volunteers who are Carers, people with disabilities and long-term health conditions as well as individuals from the protected characteristics, the People’s Partnership can assess how your organisation impacts on their lives and feedback.

Connect your business with people who have lived experience and understand how best to support them.


We provide both ‘off-the-shelf’ and bespoke training packages for front line staff in both public and private sectors.

Our training covers:

  • The importance of working with hidden and hard to reach groups
  • Meeting their needs Access to your organisation
  • Creating a welcoming environment
  • Role Play
  • Overview of legal responsibilities
  • Organisational and Individual responsibilities
  • Principles (including reasonable adjustments)
  • Rights of individuals
  • General advice and observations
  • Advocacy
  • Communication and information
  • Accessibility for people with Protected Characteristics (including physical disability, sensory loss, mental health, special educational and / or autistic needs and English as additional language)
  • Action plan for your organisation

Examples of Work Delivered

We work with many organisations and types of work.  Below are some examples of work carried out by the People’s Partnership.

  • Feedback on Petitions Policy proposal – Lincolnshire County Council
  • Gainsborough Population Health and Care Needs Analysis – Lincolnshire West CCG
  • Consultation on Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy – Public Health, Lincolnshire County Council
  • Feedback on Living With & Beyond Cancer Strategy – Lincolnshire West CCG
  • Feedback on closure of proposed closure of drop-in centre on Monk’s Road, Lincoln – Lincolnshire West CCG
  • Feedback on the Co-production Charter for Adult Services – Lincolnshire County Council
  • Feedback on proposed combined emergency services centred at South Part, Lincoln – Lincolnshire Blue Light
  • Feedback on Lincolnshire STP proposals – Lincolnshire STP

Contact Us

Whether you are interested in being involved or would like the partnership to support with your work, please contact:

Programme Lead: Philip Burgess


Mob: 07532 223 209

Address: The People’s Partnership, Every-One,

No. 5, The Stables, Wellingore Hall, Hall Street, Wellingore, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN5 0HU