About Us

Every-One is a Lincolnshire based charity, that works inclusively with everyone, to ensure that every one individual, is at the centre of their own wellbeing.  We do that by developing and delivering a range of person-centred services and projects that work towards ‘making wellbeing personal’.

At Every-One, we believe:

  • People should be at the centre of their own health and social care through having choice and control
  • Services should be built around the person and not the process
  • Many people need support to exercise their choice and control effectively
  • People are the experts in their own lives and sharing their lived-experiences can improve services and support.
  • Where possible, people are best supported within the community they live in and in a way that recognises the whole person.

Our ambition is to become the Lincolnshire flag-bearer for person-centred approaches, keeping people at the centre of their health and wellbeing, through enabling choice and control.

Our Values

Person-centred – treating people as individuals

Empathy – caring and compassionate for people

Optimism – positive, brave, and agile

Partnership working – developing and being part of networks

Learning – evolving and innovating

Engaging – valuing people and the lived-experience

Our Approach

We have built a positive brand around supporting carers and the people they care for through person-centred approaches. We are running a number of projects and initiatives that link to a wide range of partners and we are ambitious in our thinking for future development.

It is important to us that we work with people with lived experience across our organisation, as members of co-production groups, volunteers, staff, Associates and as Board members, to ensure that services are built based on reality and an understanding of individual’s needs.

Through a ‘can-do’ approach of joint working, we offer agility and authenticity to carry out our work.

What We Do

At Every-One, we design and deliver bespoke and targeted improvement initiatives and services, in partnership with people, service providers and commissioners.

Project Management – Designing and delivering project based work that supports people’s health and wellbeing.

Personalisation – Delivering services and initiatives that ensure people are at the centre of their health and wellbeing. This includes facilitation of co-production and working with commissioners to amplify the voice of lived experience.

Training and Development Services – Designing and delivering a training offer that raises awareness and meets the needs of people’s health and wellbeing.

Networks – We facilitate and support a range of networks that bring people ‘around the table’ to share, learn and work together.

Our Background

Every-One is a registered Charity based in Lincolnshire, changing its name in 2016 from Lincolnshire Carers & Young Carers Partnership (LCYCP).

The organisation has a strong background in supporting unpaid family carers both at a strategic level and an operational level through being the strategic advisor to Lincolnshire County Council on Carers services, delivery of Carers information services and a wide range of projects.

In 2016, LCYCP decided to expand its scope to include supporting those people with ill-health as we believe that the Carer and the person they care for act as an inseparable partnership. With this refocussing came a change of name. Now called Every-One, we are an inclusive organisation who will work with everyone, whilst we believe that every one individual’s wellbeing counts.