Peri Meri Menopause Moments

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Introducing Peri Meri Menopause Moments Project!

What started as a general idea, has become a fully funded 3-year project supported by The National Lottery Community Fund. We can support the menopause journey through a variety of ways; individuals attending a programme delivered in their community and by working with employers in a variety of ways, but also by engaging and working with partners to ensure we support and inform the great work that is already out there across the county.

Our ethos is to engage, encourage, support and inform with facts… there is so much out there around menopause, that it is so difficult to find what is fact or fiction! We aim to ensure and encourage individuals to explore all the options and activities available to them, how diet and exercise can support them, or how it might not, but ultimately giving you choices! We have a range of feedback and delivery options throughout that we use to inform the project development, which when you take part, you will be fully encouraged to do so, have a voice and realise you are NOT ALONE!

Peri Meri Menopause Moments Programme 

Come along and join the programme and see how we can help you, but also help yourself with hints and tips about your menopause journey. 

Are you struggling with your menopause? Whether you are perimenopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal, have a look at our programme overview; this might just be what could help you through the “fog” ahhh yes, the brain fog! 

We will be running the following programme in various locations across Lincolnshire throughout the year. It is a six-week programme, two-hour sessions delivered weekly, covering a variety of topics.


We are very excited to confirm that as part of the project, we are seeking to support employers and employees within the workplace. How we do this will be decided by you, the employer/employee and will be instrumental around the knowledge and development of menopause support and awareness. 


Are you an organisation or a self-employed trained professional that offers services or provision that is beneficial to menopausal support? Do you run peer support or have funded provision that is supporting menopause already? If so, would you be keen to help support and get involved on the Peri Meri Project?… We are looking for partners across the county that can support us to support those on their menopausal journey.

Training Sessions

We are offering training sessions for men & menopause and menopause awareness.


We will be undertaking research with Peri Meri Menopause & Cancer, Early Onset Menopause (Young People) and men and menopause.

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