You may have menopause support in place already and just want a review or some training, you might have nothing in place, want to review policies and how to implement them or you may just want some training for your staff around menopause awareness or something more specific – we recognise each organisation is different and will have different needs.  

So how will this work and what will it cost…?  

  • You will get 12 hours fully funded support/planning/engagement  
  • First you will need to enquire for your organisation 
  • On receipt of your enquiry, you will be contacted by a member of the Peri Meri team who will book you in for an initial discussion 
  • Development of a Unique Action Plan, which will continue to be live and undertaken with the Peri Meri Project Lead and focussing on your organisational menopause needs 

What now? Please click the enquire button and complete the form…  

Still not sure and just want to know more before you enquire? Drop us an email at: meno@every-one.org.uk with your queries or give us a call on: 01522 811582

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