The Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award

We want a county where carers are well supported in their caring role and flourish in their lives. We believe this is best achieved by working together with both carers and employers.


The Backstory

Every-One was commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council through the Lincolnshire Health and Wellbeing Board to develop and establish a Carers Quality Standards Award. Continuation of funding through Lincolnshire County Council’s Better Care Fund has enabled the work to develop. The award has become a recognised symbol of quality.

The Carers Charter Quality Award ‘You Care – We Care’ ensures that the profile of unpaid carers in Lincolnshire is raised and the invaluable and essential contribution they make is recognised, enabling carers to live fulfilling lives combined with their caring roles.

Undertaking the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award helps strengthen organisational effectiveness and achieves recognition for the valuable way an organisation supports those carers with whom it works. It ensures the continuing development of quality approaches for those with caring responsibilities across Lincolnshire and beyond.

The Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award is going from strength to strength. A wide variety of organisations are working towards accreditation. The request for and submission of applications grows weekly.

To see who has been successfully accredited with the Carers Quality Award, visit our Roll of Honour here

If you work with and support unpaid carers in Lincolnshire, why not work towards the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award and be recognised for what you are doing?

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Lincolnshire Carers Charter

The Lincolnshire Carers Charter has been created alongside the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award to highlight the commitment organisations should show in valuing the important role carer’s play and recognise that carers are an important source of information about those they care for.

By adopting the Carers Charter, organisations pledge to;

Identify, Recognise and Value Carers 
– Engage with and Involve Carers 
– Inform, Advise and Support Carers 
– Respect and Enable Carers 
– Support Carers in Education/Training/Employment

Please find below a number of case studies, showcasing the positive impact the Carers Quality Award has had on both organisations and carers.

Case Study 1

“St Johns Surgery would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your support in working towards our Carers Quality Award. The training left staff inspired and motivated to volunteer as Carers Champions.

Carers at St Johns Surgery are being held on a register, which has so far identified 124 carers in just a few weeks through publicity within the surgery, website information and via the practice newsletter. This work means carers now benefit from up to date information on how to access support. Their caring role is identified on their records and flexibility is being offered with appointment times. Feedback has been very positive from carers and patients are starting to identify themselves as carers as a result of this work.

Your support in this has made a great difference to the surgery and its caring population.

Thank you – A H, Grantham GP Practice

Case Study 2

As a Carer for 19 years I was really impressed when I heard about the introduction of the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award ‘You Care – We Care’, and I was also very pleased to be invited to take part in the assessment process.

I believe that it will bring about much needed commitment by Employers to provide recognition and support to people within their organisations who are Carers. I hope that this will not only relieve some of the great stress that Carers face in fulfilling their roles such as Carer and Employee, but also bring about an understanding of the daily demands and pressure a Carer is met with, when juggling their caring role with employment, education and other responsibilities of daily life.

Carers frequently have to give up their careers and employment in order to meet the demands of their caring role. In the future as more organisations join the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award, I hope that more support and flexibility will be provided by Employers, improving Carers physical and mental health, and enabling them to retain their employment.

I feel that this not only has positive implications for Carers in Lincolnshire, but as news spreads of the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award ‘You Care – We Care’ other Counties may also be interested in developing it and more Carers, and organisations too, will be able to benefit.

G K – Carer

Case Study 3

Julie was there for help, support, advice, and guidance from start to finish and nothing was too much trouble for her.

The award is a valuable asset to the Practice as it proves and backs up the support that we offer to Carers and it has also helped us to identify additional Carers that may have been missed if we hadn’t done it.

Washingborough Family Practice

Group picture: Washingborough Family Practice