The Difference We Have Made (Archive)

Here at Every-One, we are very proud of the projects, services and work we have delivered over the years. Here are some of our past successes.

Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC)

Every-One has built its ethos around person-centred approaches and supports personalisation of services. One of the key projects we were involved in is Integrated Personal Commissioning.  Our involvement  helped to shape our organisation’s focus on person-centred practice.

Lincolnshire was one of nine national demonstrator sites delivering the IPC programme.

What is Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC)? 

IPC (Integrated Personal Commissioning) is an NHS England initiative. It is a new approach to joining up health, social care and other services at the level of the individual. It enables people, carers and families to control the resources available around them and in their community, and across health and social care systems in order to ‘commission’ their own care by developing a personalised care and support plan.

IPC also pulls together funding from personal health budgets (PHB) and personal budgets. It supports people to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence to self-manage through partnerships with the voluntary and community sector (VCSE), community capacity building and peer support.

More details of the IPC Programme can be found here –

Every-One’s role in IPC

Every-One was the Voluntary Sector Lead Partner for the IPC Programme in Lincolnshire. We were members of  Lincolnshire’s IPC Programme Board, as well as contributing to national Collaborative Development Group meetings for Community Capacity, Peer Support & Working Together.

As active members of the Voluntary Sector Network for IPC, we supported programme workstream development, also providing Project Support Workers to help facilitate Care & Support Planning.

Whilst the IPC programme ended in Lincolnshire, Every-One is a key partner in the personalisation agenda in the County and supports a range of Programme Boards, working groups and Task and Finish groups, building the right conditions for personalisation across the Lincolnshire and its services.


Working with experienced volunteers as Oasis, we supported over 100 families caring for a loved-one with substance misuse. Whilst we are unable to continue the work at this time, we are immensely proud of what the volunteers achieved and how we were able to provide support and one day hope to be able to offer this service again. If you would like to support this, please do get in touch. 

Older Carers Project

Funded by Lincolnshire County Council through the Better Care Fund, the Older Carers Project supported Carers over 55 years of age, assisting them to plan for the future when they can no-longer care.

The project supported 92 Carers and their families who cared for their son or daughter with a learning disability. The Carers were referred to the project by Lincolnshire County Council. In addition, the project delivered four Carer focused workshops across Lincolnshire to assist all carers in making decisions about the future. These workshops were attended by over 120 people.

Facing the Future: booking confirmation notice

The project supported Carers by through individual conversations, in their own home, helping them to work through their options, signposting support, assisting them in completing a Carers Assessment and Carers Emergency Card.  This also involved looking at Housing and Support options, Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorney. The main focus of the project was to create a Future Care Plan and a Contingency Plan and put it in place.

The project was independently evaluated by the University of Lincoln. A copy of the evaluation report can be found here.

PHB (Personal Health Budget) Choices

In 2017, Every-One was commissioned to contact businesses in the Lincolnshire area to tell them about the online marketplace PHBChoices, which provided a channel for businesses to sell their care products and services direct to individuals.

Every-One invited businesses to register for free on PHBChoices and to list the products and services they wish to sell to people who have a PHB.

Working Together

Logo: Working Together

Working Together was funded by the Lincolnshire Mental Health Promotion Fund. The project focused on working with employers and employees who are carers.

The project was developed because:

  • The relationship between employer and employee can often be difficult where the employee is a carer
  • Employers don’t always understand their duties towards employees who are carers
  • Employees who are carers don’t always understand their rights
  • Staff recruitment and turnover can be disruptive and expensive if carers leave work
  • A poor relationship with their employer can have significant impact on carers wellbeing

What did the project do?

  • The project focused on the South CCG and East CCG areas
  • A Project worker was recruited who worked to:
    • Identify partner businesses
    • Identify carers as employees
    • Jointly review policies and practices
    • Provide training and awareness to employers and employees
    • Establish peer support groups
    • Establish information resources

As part of the Working Together project, Every-One produced an advice sheet for carers and employers – Working Together – Advice sheet.pdf

A set of ‘what employers can do’ activity cards have also been produced. The cards support employers to explore what they do now and what they could do in the future – What Employers Can do – Activity Cards.pdf

Working Together: partnership badge/logo unit