Personalisation in Care & Support Planning

Every-One is committed to the promotion and facilitation of personalisation and has delivered training and engagement across Lincolnshire in a range of settings.

Our core mission is ‘Making Wellbeing Personal’ and Every-One has become a ‘flag-bearer’ for person-centred approaches in Lincolnshire and beyond whilst being a resource for supporting others to embed the personalisation agenda as business as usual. We see personalisation as a fundamental way of ensuring people have choice and control over their wellbeing and to influence the design and delivery of services for the better.

Our Personalisation in Care & Support Planning is accredited by Personalised Care Institute. You can find us listed on the PCI website.

The aim of this training is to ensure that those involved are on the same page with regards to personalisation and Personalised Care & Support Planning and have opportunities to reflect on their own practice.

Our training offers a bespoke programme to meet the needs of your target cohort by supporting staff to have the skills, knowledge and confidence to apply person-centred approaches to care and support planning. Our approach includes:

  • The national and local context for Universal Personalised Care
  • Incorporating your local models of personalisation
  • Introducing personalisation in care and support planning and a range of tools
  • Use of reflective practice to embed positive behaviours to support personalisation
  • Collection of a series of case studies as examples of learning

The reflective sessions are interactive and attendees are expected to come prepared to discuss, debate and share their experiences of Personalised Care and Support Planning based on exercises set for them at the previous input session.  

At the end of the programme attendees are expected to complete their own short case studies and their own one-page plan – templates for these are included in this pack. 

How will the training is run?

  • The sessions are run over a few months. Reflective practice is built into the programme, so participants are expected to try things out as they go along and then share as a group what they have discovered in their practice.
  • The programme is facilitated by Vicky Thomson and colleague Nicky Dewhirst-Vickers, and you can find out more about us here – Meet Our Team – Every-One  
  • Sessions can be delivered online using Teams or face to face.

The programme is based on 14 hours contact time and is usually made up of:

  • 4 x 2 hours Input Sessions
  • 4 x 1 ½ hours Reflective Sessions

The format of sessions can however be tailored to suit your specific needs.

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