Macmillan Cancer Co-production Group

If you are affected by Cancer and live in Lincolnshire, please visit the Lincolnshire Cancer Support website

The Living with Cancer Programme aims to develop person-centred, local support for people living with and beyond cancer, their carers and significant others in Lincolnshire.

There are currently 2.5 million people in the UK living with cancer. In Lincolnshire alone, with our ageing population and improvements in diagnosis, treatment and aftercare, there are currently 23,500 people living with and beyond cancer and this is expected to rise to 45,400 by 2030.

We have built a friendly group of people who are living with or beyond cancer or are family members caring for them. We are still recruiting people who are willing to work with us across the two-year programme and who want to positively shape services and use their personal lived-experience stories to influence change.

By being part of the group, we will develop your skills, knowledge, and confidence to work with practitioners and commissioners in health and social care settings. You will be involved in high level thinking and will be making a difference by:

–  Shaping policy and practice
–  Co-creating information and guidance materials
–  Supporting programme delivery and actions
–  Acting as a champion for person-centred approaches in design and delivery

Strategic co-production brings together people with lived experience to work together with service providers. It sees people who use services as experts in their own right and works with them on issues of mutual interest. We are not focussed on one to one peer support, which is important, but different from our role.

The group meet on the first Wednesday of each month in Wellingore. You are provided with lunch, refreshments and travel expenses are paid.

Members are expected to attend the monthly Co-production Group meetings and read relevant materials. Members may also choose to speak at events and workshops and support other programmes of work on a voluntary basis.

We are keen to hear from people who have or have had cancer and the people who have cared for them. The Co-production Group is facilitated by Vicky Thomson, Chief Executive of Lincolnshire Charity, Every-One. 

If you are interested in being part of the co-production group, please contact Vicky to discuss and to submit and express your interest form which can be found here:

Contact details:

Phone – 01522 811 582