Meet Our Associates

Meet Our Associates

Dedicated people from a range of backgrounds and experiences, responsible for helping to make our exciting plans a reality. Our associates are valued, paid members of the organisation, enabling us to deliver diverse projects and to flexibly respond to increasing demand and new requests for services. 

Associates work within the hours they can offer, on projects that they find stimulating and rewarding. To find out more, please download our associates pack here. 

Jon Mansfield

I have more than 25 years of experience as a specialist fixed wing, senior officer navigator and subject matter expert across a range of demanding flying, staff, command and instructional appointments. Currently the founder of INDIGO:19 Limited specialising in the education, training, exercise and evaluation fields, I am an experienced curriculum developer, instructor, publications author, coach, and mentor with a demonstrated history in the education, training, exercise, and evaluation environments.

I am committed to the NHS and to community support, and the need to augment clinical support with local community support. My motivation to support is derived from a desire to utilise the transferable skills and experience that I have accrued during my armed forces and commercial careers to benefit others, and to provide similar opportunities to the ones that I have benefitted from and continue to benefit from.

I am a volunteer for Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, the Lincolnshire Military Veterans and Families Network, the Linkwell good neighbour scheme, and a member of the Lincolnshire Mental Health Transformation Co-Production Group.

Co-production is a passion for me. I believe it is both a challenge and a reward. It can be a challenge due to mis-interpretation, mistrust and misuse, all of which can be accentuated by extant organisational cultures; it can be a reward when participants have a ‘light bulb’ moment and truly see the advantages and appreciate the outcomes/outputs that can be delivered. No matter what development model is used, co-production must be ingrained in the process to allow all voices to be heard and to influence the process from start to finish. Co-production, when used well by an organisation, becomes a state of mind that increases communication, cooperation and collaboration to create the very best available. Its benefits cannot be understated when utilised correctly; however, there is a danger that when it is not understood or is utilised incorrectly it can be discarded or deemed to be an irrelevant encumbrance. It is my strong view that co-production breaks down barriers, increases communication, encourages engagement, and reduces the cultural frictions within or across an organisation.

Co-production should not be feared; it should be embraced to make an organisation more transparent, efficient, engaging and effective, no matter what the sector or nature of the business or organisation.’

Dinah Simmons

I spent several years, at the beginning of my career, working with DWP in Income Support before moving to American Express to work in their Call Centre. Worked night shifts, then delivering training, which progressed to a global HR Training and Development Role.

Following redundancy, I then took on a retail travel agency which is still running today. I am also a Grief Recovery Specialist, specialising in any loss, such as relationship break ups, pet loss, helping children with loss, not just bereavement.

I've always been involved in volunteering, as I can put into practice skills that I gained from my business career, as well as learn more. I spent many years involved with disability sport, basketball, and Scouting.

My own experience around disability, makes me acutely aware of some of the inequalities and difficulties that are experienced by those with the disability plus the impact it has on those nearest to them.

Volunteering with St Barnabas Hospice, as a Bereavement Support Person aloowed me the privilege to supporting people when they are in the darkest points of their lives. I soon realised grief does not just come with bereavement. It is around any loss where they have been hopes dreams and expectations. This is why I became a I became a certified Grief Recovery Specialist allowing me to support people with all kinds of losses.

Working part-time as a Circles of Support Facilitator, complements everything that I believe in. There are times we all need just a little bit of help to be able to get us back on top again so that it provides an opportunity to influence the future and not be trapped in the past.