Palliative & End of Life Co-production

Every-One is pleased to be facilitating a Lincolnshire Palliative & End of Life Co-production Group.

Who are we looking for?   

We are looking for people who may be experiencing a difficult time but by being part of this, you will make a difference to others.  We are also keen to work with unpaid family carers who have experienced the expected death of a loved-one. No previous experience of co-production is necessary—you will be supported throughout. You will have a positive attitude to working with people to make things better for others.

What is Co-production?   

Co-production brings people with experience of using services together with those who deliver them,  to work together to design new things and make things better for everyone. You will be co-producing with a range of people from services across health and social care, which will include community services, hospitals and hospices.   

What is palliative care?   

Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life for people and their families who are facing problems associated with life threatening illness. Palliative care uses a person-centred team approach to support people’s physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs to help them to live as well as possible until death.   

What will you be doing?    

We will support you to have the right information to confidently take part and to work with services in Lincolnshire to shape them for the better. This may include:  Sharing your personal experience of services with others. Working with peers and staff to design services. Making recommendations for improvements that will be listened to. Developing your skills, knowledge and confidence to take part.  

What can you expect from us?     

We will: 

Work with you to build your skills, knowledge and confidence to take part. 

Listen, co-produce with you and do what we have agreed to do. 

Support you if you experience emotional needs as a result of being part of this work. 

Cover your travel expenses and refreshments provided when appropriate.