Courses and Workshops

Below is a list of all our Courses and Workshops that we currently provide. We are able to tailor our courses to specific needs and audiences so please do get in touch as we may be able to provide a course that suits your requirements.

We provide Carer Awareness Training that focuses on helping organisations to explore and learn about ways that they can pro-actively engage with, and increase identification, referral and support of unpaid Carers.

Carer Champion Training provides the information needed for someone to act as a voice for Carers within an organisation. They act as a key point of contact for Carer information within the organisation in which they work.

Connect 5 Training is designed to increase the confidence and core skills of front line staff so that they can be more effective in having conversations about mental health and wellbeing.

Our Writing a Case Study workshop aims to provide people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to create short but high quality case studies of their work to support learning.

The Supporting Carers In the Workplace workshops focus on supporting organisations to develop their support to unpaid Carers in the workplace, helping them develop and implement ‘carer friendly’ policies and practice.

For more details of the courses we have available or to find out more, email us at: