Training Sessions

Men and Menopause: 

These sessions are based around the “everything you wanted to know but was afraid to ask”! ethos… 

We have had various requests to support men in recognising menopause and how this affects those around them. Using this feedback it has been noted that whilst individuals may have an overview, often they have questions that can’t be asked or they feel unable to. This session will cover the basics of menopause and all the associated symptoms, mental health, etc., looking at how this affects people at home and in the workplace, how you could recognise symptoms and what support, if any, you could offer going forward. We will be delivering the Men and Menopause sessions throughout the year – these will be online (unless at a specific request can be face to face). For further information please contact us via 

Menopause Awareness: 

These will be on-line sessions primarily (unless specifically requested otherwise) and will give a general overview of menopause, what it is about, how it affects individuals and those around them.  We will be running them throughout the year, and they can be utilised or delivered to groups or organisations. 

For further information please contact us via 

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