Carers In The Workplace Resources

Carers Policy

You may not have a Carers policy in place within your organisation or if you already do, it may need updating. You can download a template below.

Carer Policy Template Word Document

Carer Policy Template PDF Document

Carer Recruitment Policy

It is important to include reference to how you approach recruiting employees with Caring responsibilities within your recruitment policy.

Carer Recruitment Policy Template Word Document

Carer Recruitment Policy Template PDF Document

Carer Passports

Some organisations we have worked with have developed ‘Carer Passports’ as part of their staff wellbeing policy. Carer Passports are an internal resource that can be used by managers, team leads or human resource departments to keep track of which employees have caring responsibilities and how this can impact their day to day life.

Carer Passport Template Publisher Document

Carer Passport Template PDF Document

Staff Carer Networks

A Staff Carer Network is an internal network within your workplace that is set up to support the employees who are Carers. A Staff Carer Network can be both a source of information for Carers as well as a way to improve their wellbeing and provide an opportunity for peer support.

Visit our dedicated page on Staff Carer Networks

Flexible Working Policy

Many Carers report that having the opportunity for flexible working can provide invaluable benefits and improvement to both the care that they provide and also their own mental wellbeing.