Benefits to supporting carers in employment

We know that life for small and medium-sized businesses often feels frantic as you deal with everything from sales to finance, health and safety, orders and HR. Making the time to consider the individual needs of your workforce is not always easy.

We know that having the right support and often small adjustments in the workplace can really help employees who may be juggling paid employment with unpaid caring responsibilities. This can make a real difference to them and to the business.

The reality is, it is currently estimated that 1 in 7 of the UK workforce are undertaking unpaid caring roles, meaning it’s now more important than ever that organisations support their employees.

We have been lucky enough to work with colleagues at the Lincolnshire Open Research & Innovation Centre (LORIC), to create a free calculator’ using open data, which helps employers to see the various potential financial implications on their company, depending on how they support working carers.

We would love for you to access the calculator, and have a play around with it, inputting your own organisation’s information, so that you can see what the true value of carers is to your organisation.

Click here to access the calculator

Please click here to access the cover note, which further explains the work that has taken place to create the calculator, including the rationale behind the tool and a few model scenarios.

Guidance to accessing the calculator

To be able to utilise the calculator, you will need access to the Microsoft analytics service called ‘Power BI’.

If you already have Office 365, then you should be able to search for the programme on your computer as it is part of the package.

The logo looks like this –

Power BI logo

If you do not have it already on your device, you can try the software for free, which should give you enough scope to access the calculator – download it here 

Here is a screenshot of what the calculator looks like –

Screenshot of calculator: true value of Carers in SMEs

If you would like any further support, please contact