Healthwatch Lincolnshire presented Carers Quality award

Healthwatch Lincolnshire presented Carers Quality award

Healthwatch Lincolnshire has been formally praised for its support for unpaid carers.

Both young and adult carers can be affected by the impact of juggling an unpaid caring role with everyday life. The practical and emotional implications of a caring role can be stressful and demanding.

The Award ensures that organisations place high value on the identification, views and needs of carers and is awarded to those organisations who demonstrate that they meet the criteria for ensuring a high quality standard of service for carers.

The Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award enables an organisation to work towards Identifying, recognising and supporting carers and staff have been working with ‘Every-One’ for the last few months to gain the accreditation.

Vicky Thomson, CEO and Julie Goy, Quality Development Lead for ‘Every-One’ presented the award to the staff team at a presentation at the Healthwatch Lincolnshire AGM.

Julie said: “It has been a pleasure working with the Healthwatch staff throughout the last few months and supporting them to receive the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award. The assessment panel were impressed with the high quality of the evidence submitted which really demonstrated a commitment to the support of unpaid carers and compliments the work undertaken by the organisation. We would like to congratulate the staff team on their dedication and commitment. ‘’

For further information about the Carers Quality Award and/or an application form, please contact Julie Goy, Quality Development Lead, Tel 07493289866, Email: