Lincolnshire long COVID information hub launched

A new digital resource is now available for people suffering with the effects of long COVID, and for their friends and families.

Working alongside local people with long COVID, organisations in Lincolnshire came together to develop the long COVID information hub, in particular health organisations, Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS), Connect to Support Lincolnshire and voluntary sector organisations.

The hub provides guidance and information on long COVID and gives links, documents and videos to help people with symptom management and signpost them to further help.

Office for National Statistics data says the overall prevalence of long COVID remains high, 1.6 million people in England are estimated to have self-reported long covid symptoms lasting longer than 4 weeks with 1.2 million reporting symptoms lasting longer than 12 weeks.

The most common symptoms of long COVID are extreme tiredness (fatigue), shortness of breath, loss of smell and muscle aches.

The charity Every-One brought people with experience of long COVID together with health organisations to identify what could help them, their families, friends, schools and employers with their recovery journey and the hub was developed after this feedback.

Vicky Thomson, Chief Executive Officer at Every-One said: “It became apparent whilst working alongside people with long COVID that it wasn’t just themselves who needed access to support and resources. It was important to develop a digital hub that people’s families, carers, employers and schools could access too, so the person was fully supported in all aspects of their lives.

“Long COVID affects people in many different ways, so we needed a multifaceted resource.”

The long COVID information hub includes videos from people who have experienced long COVID, sharing their stories, as well as pages on financial support and help at work. There are sections for children and young people, activities to help with symptoms and contacts for further support and advice.

The hub, funded through an NHS Charities Together grant is hosted on a Connect to Support Lincolnshire webpage.

Paula Duckworth, LCHS lead said: “The long COVID information hub is a significant achievement, providing sources of information requested by those with lived experience of long COVID.

“Thanks to Connect to Support Lincolnshire for hosting the hub.”

Other work to support people with long COVID includes providing peer support, ensuring physical activity providers are aware of the condition and how this affects people. The organisations committed to helping people with long COVID will continue to listen and share ideas and suggestions for further improvements.

If you live in Lincolnshire and have experience of long COVID and want to get involved in sharing your experience, contact

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