National Carer Support Letter

National Carer Support Letter

The Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England have developed a Carer Support Letter and guidance for councils to give to local Carers so that they can identify themselves and their needs to supermarkets and other shops and services.  


Aim of the letter

This is to assist carers to gain access to the support and services they need. The aim is to help reduce the burden on unpaid family carers who are caring for loved ones who may be frail, elderly, living with dementia, suffering mental ill health, a serious illness or long term condition or have a disability, including hidden disabilities such as autism.  

We are encouraging supermarkets, shops, businesses or services to ensure  staff are aware of it, accept it and offer the help that a carer may need. Your business will benefit from the custom, loyalty and word of mouth from carers about positive, kind customer experiences.

For example, this may mean two people need to shop together, as one person may not be left at home. Or a carer may need to access priority shopping hours, or need a home delivery.

Many of us will know someone who looks after someone else who could not manage without their help. It might be caring for a frail parent or child with additional needs. You may employ staff who also have a caring role. You may not recognise your own caring role – most people don’t.

3 out of 5 of us will be a carer one day. Lincolnshire has an estimated 88,000 unpaid family carers – a huge unpaid workforce without which the health and care system would collapse.


Please can you:

  • Accept the letter in your business
  • Help provide any additional assistance the carer may need
  • Make sure your staff are aware of the letter for example: pinning to staff notice board

For more information contact the Lincolnshire Carers Service on: 01522 782224  or  visit: